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Medi-spa Facials

More than just a facial, our unique Medi-spa facials are a series of progressive treatments which gradually increase in strength, impact and effectiveness to deliver visible, tangible, anti-ageing results.

We are excited to introduce the new Norup Clinic Medi-spa Facials our next-generation, advanced facial treatments utilising respected aesthetics technology and efficacious products. Devices such as the hydra facial, electronic micro-needling and super-fine mesotherapy system, deliver deep-reaching and intra-dermal therapies that leave the skin, cleansed, hydrated, stimulated and nourished.

Profacial pore cleanse

LEVEL 1: Profacial (Hydrafacial)

Treatment Time: 45 mins

The Profacial is a great facial for any skin type – soothing, moisturising, non-invasive and non-irritating. An all-round skin enhancing treatment, it instantly improves the overall appearance of the skin, resurfacing your skin through gentle cleansing, light exfoliation and extraction of impurities, removing dead skin cells. The device simultaneously works antioxidants and other potent ingredients into the skin, refreshing, hydrating and invigorating skin to give a glowing finish.

So much more than a regular beauty facial, treat yourself and look forward to seeing results!



ZO Health Facial

LEVEL 2: ZO Bespoke Facial

Treatment time: 1 hour

A restorative, relaxing, rejuvenating and skin-glowing facial with tangible and visible results.

Using world-renowned, medically developed ZO SKIN HEALTH products, we specifically tailor the treatment to your skin type, to address skin tone, dryness/oiliness, symptoms of ageing, pigmentation and lines and wrinkles. This is a great introduction or kick-start to the ZO skin system which is the pinnacle of skincare. Prolonging a youthful complexion starts with great skincare – and this is the best!

Effects can be prolonged with ZO Skin Health use-at-home products – ask for more details.



Plamsa Shower Facial


Treatment time: 1 hour

Incorporating the latest sublimating plasma technique, this facial is a multi-layered treatment that can be tailored to suit different skin types, target specific problems such as acne, and boost dull, dry, ageing skin – making it a personalised and bespoke experience.

Pain-free, relaxing and pleasant, the treatment delivers outstanding results that continue to activate the skin long after application. Read more



Nano peel excellence facial

Level 3: Nanopeel Facial

Treatment time: 1 hour

Our state-of-the-art skin peels, derived from natural fruit acids, are able to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin, slowly releasing to deliver improvements over time. These peels are carefully applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells.

There are 3 levels of peel available to target specific issues:

  • Light – a low impact yet effective exfoliation and stimulating treatment to leave skin glowing, (may cause light, superficial peeling).
  • Medium – for the treatment of more noticeable lines and wrinkles, this peel is effective for skin resurfacing, smoothing and revitalising. May cause some redness and light peeling after a few days.
  • Deep – for rough, thickened and uneven skin, this deep-reaching peel can create redness and may require some downtime.

The aim of this excellent cosmetic procedure is to improve the appearance of fine lines, reduce age spots and discolouration and even out the skin tone and texture. Please note, that sunlight should be avoided for a defined period afterwards.

Results: noticeably brighter and fresher skin, wrinkles appear more refined and skin tone more even. Many clients continue to see improvements over a 4 week period.



Nanopeel microneedling celebrity facial

LEVEL 4: Nanopeel Facial with Microneedling

Treatment time: 1 hour

Awaken your skin with the latest minimally-invasive microneedling treatment which delivers electronic-stimulation and a serum of antioxidants and peptides into the skin’s dermis. A pleasant and revitalising facial, it is effective for treating fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and uneven skin tone.

This is followed by a relaxing session with our Déesse Pro LED phototherapy and a hyaluronic acid mask. LED light combinations offer: anti-ageing, purifying, detoxifying, brightening and calming qualities, selected by our trained aestheticians to deliver what your skin most needs.

Brighter, revitalised skin, improved skin texture, wrinkles appear more refined and skin looks youthful, glowing and hydrated. Many clients continue to see ongoing improvements after the treatment.



Nanopeel mesotherapy facial

LEVEL 5: Nanopeel Facial with Mesotherapy

Treatment time: 1 hour

As the above Nanopeel Facial with Microneedling, but with the additional benefits of super-fine Mesotherapy to give your skin a boost. A powerful revitalising serum penetrates the dermis to actively deliver a deeper and longer lasting re-hydration and ‘juicing’ of the skin.

Mesotherapy activates growth factors within the skin, breaks down scarred or wrinkled tissues and ‘pushes’ selected antioxidants, hyaluronic acids, peptides and vitamins deep into the skin layers to deliver invigorating and effective rejuvenation. This treatment works harder, encouraging new collagen and elastin production for older/tired skin. Suitable for all ages, but an absolute must for the over 40s.



Nanopeel Deluxe Facial

LEVEL 6: Nanopeel Deluxe Facial

Treatment time: 1 hour

This deep acting peel is the next level in skin treatment incorporating either the renowned Sesderma Valencia TRX Peel or ZO 1-2-3 step TCA Retinol Peel.

This peel is suitable for ‘stronger’ more resilient skin that has already undergone prior treatment with cosmeceuticals to repair the skin barrier. At this level, skin is inherently healthier and has a higher tolerance to active ingredients.

The pinnacle of facials, this treatment rejuvenates, boosts and further strengthens skin as part of the ZO Skin Health skin programme. It treats pigmentation, wrinkles, laxity, rough skin texture and activates the fibroblasts to generate more collagen and elastin, encouraging skin cell regeneration from the inside.



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