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Skin Healthy

Paying special attention to your skin will reap rewards. As we get older our skin changes due to internal and external influences, but we can always do something to counterbalance the unavoidable effects of life, to revive your skin and restore a natural healthy glow.

It’s so vital to look after your skin

The secret to looking your absolute best starts with healthy skin. When your skin is in great shape your whole face looks fresher and exudes natural vitality. When you skin is in poor shape it can make you look tired and drawn, and older than your years.

Healthy skin starts with great skin care

Traditional moisturisers speed up the ageing process by disrupting the barrier function and slowing down the active cells thereby causing thin, dry, itchy, sensitive and weak skin. We reverse that process by making the skin healthy and then stimulate active growth and rejuvenation.

At the Norup Clinic we stock a selected range of “medical quality” advanced skincare products. Created by leading dermatologists to heal, soothe and stimulate skin, these products are on a different level to high street brands, and as such require an initial consultation.

Elevate your skin health

Beyond use-at-home skincare products, we can work on enhancing and nurturing your skin. Much can be done to improve your skin quality using proven products and techniques, according to your skin type, age and any pre-existing conditions. We have devised what we call the Skin Care Pyramid to help our customs to get skin healthy.

The Skin Care Pyramid

Skin Pyramid - skin care

Whilst treatments can be applicable to all ages, this is the typical model for skincare as we age

  • Step 1: SKINCARE – Prescription-only, advanced skin care products
  • Step 2: SKIN BOOSTERS – Aquafacial, Profhilo, PRP, Carboxy and Mesotherapy to cleanse, stimulate and promote skin cell renewal
  • Step 3: IPL & LASER & HIFU – Skin resurfacing, skin tightening and photorejvenation to improve texture, build collagen, firm and lift skin
  • Step 4: BESPOKE PEELS – from gentle Nano to deeper TCA & Phenol peels to remove top layer of skin and expose a new layer of undamaged skin
  • Step 5: DEEP REPAIR – Thread Lifts, Nano Plasma, Er:YAG deep laser resurfacing, deep peels & fat transfer. Treatments that work harder to lift, fill, repair and stimulate

We also offer classic anti-wrinkle injections (botox) and dermal fillers for more stubborn lines and wrinkles.

“stimulate and revive for natural, glowing results…”

Initial Consultation

Your consultation will begin with a thorough skin assessment, including consideration of lifestyle and diet. A course of treatment will then be recommended according to your unique requirements which will be tailored to your age, skin type, any specific issues. We will soothe and calm problems, stimulate and revive your skin to give you natural, glowing results that will roll back the years. Call 01372 465 277 or book online.

Dr Norup is very up to date with the all the latest treatments and has the best products in the clinic. The PRP treatment has really improved my skin. Colette there has done my eyebrows and they look so much better now. 5 stars *****
Google Reviews: Paivi Kauppinen, Surrey

Typical Skin concerns

  • Premature ageing: sun damage, age spots, heavy set lines
  • Uneven skin tone: enlarged pores, redness and blemishes
  • Problem skin: acne, rosacea, melasma, excema, dermatitis, thin skin, sensitive skin
  • Red veins: broken veins and permanently rosy cheeks

A reassuringly professional, personal and effective service

The Norup Clinic offers a bespoke service, by appointment only, at our Clinic in Esher, Surrey.