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Results – Mouth area (Perioral)

The mouth is quite a mobile area and therefore prone to lines and wrinkles. As we get past 40 we start to lose muscle mass and tone leading to sagging in the mid face and all of the issues that result from this.

Rejuvenation of the Mouth Area

Name Annabel
Age 40s


Annabel visited the Norup Clinic because she wanted to address the wrinkles appearing around her mouth, in particular what are often referred to as ‘Smokers Lines’ or ‘barcodes’, the vertical lines that appear around the lips. This can happen even if you’re not a smoker due to natural ageing, genetics and muscle movements such as pursing the lips. The natural lip line had become smudged. Lipstick didn’t sit along the edge, it seeped into the white part of the lip. Lips were dry with deep lines.


Stubborn lip lines require a multi-treatment approach for best results. Mette advised a series of steps to tackle different causes, including wrinkle-relaxing treatments and fine ablative “laser” removal of the top layers of skin. This can lead to redness and requires a couple of days down time, when it is important to stay out of the sun and most clients prefer to keep a low profile as the healing begins. This was followed by an infusion of vitamins to boost the skin.

Before – Pronounced ‘smokers lines’ around the lips. Step 1: Deeper set lines are addressed to relax, smooth and lift.

Step 2: The top layers of skin are removed using deep exfoliating laser techniques. Step 3: An infusion of vitamins and botanicals is delivered into the skin.

After: visible results. Deep lines are gone, the skin particularly is rejuvenated and smoother and the whole effect is a great improvement.


Although this treatment requires some patience the results are pronounced and worthwhile. The skin around the mouth has been exfoliated to remove old skin cells and simultaneously stimulated to produce fresh skin cells. Deep lines and wrinkles are much reduced, skin is brighter and revitalised and there is a distinct and very pleasing improvement.

I really wanted to do something about my lip lines. I actually only smoked briefly many years ago, so put my appearance down more to lifestyle and too much time in the sun. Of the treatments prescribed some were very easy to manage, but the skin-peeling was a bit more challenging as I had quite lot of redness for several days. Fortunately it was a bank holiday weekend and I kept under wraps.

It was definitely worth it because as you can see from the photos the result is excellent. I am over the moon!”

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