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Eyebags, Pigmentation and Hooded Eyelids

There is a non surgical option for eye bags, hooding and pigmentation:

Eyebags, Pigmentation and Hooded Eyelids

Some people  have tried to reduce bags under the eyes using haemorrhoid creams – the effect is achieved by the local anaesthetic that might even contain small amounts of adrenaline, this is to cause vaso-constriction (closing the blood vessels and reduce pain around the anus) it  reduces oedema or swelling in the skin and it is this effect the users of haemorrhoid cream are after.

The unwanted side effect of the creams is it also contains a local steroid – usually Prednisolone. The  effects of this with long term use on the thin skin, under the eyes can cause (ESPECIALLY in a deviated (higher pigmentation) skin )- HYPERPIGMENATION and HYPOPIGMENTATION, which are well recorded unwanted complications .

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There is a non surgical option for eye bags, hooding and pigmentation:

  1. PlexR fusion. PlexR eye lift.  No cutting, no scarring, amazing results.
  2. Rederm injections. A  patient tried to lighten her skin using lemon juice and baking powder and burnt  her skin and now has severely damaged and pigmented skin. Rederm injections and Profi DeLux spray. Both are a combination of Hyaluronic acid and Succinic acid
  3. PRP combined with Rederm for pigmentation and bags
  4. Plasma for hooding
  5. Dermal fillers in the temple, eyebrow and zygomatic ( cheekbone area).
  6. Ablative pixelated laser combined with PRP meso therapy


  • Redermalization injections using Rederm by Hyalual UK. The solution contains Hyaluronic acid and Succinic acid ( anti oxidant) removes copper from the skin cells. Acts as a catalyst on the fibroblasts and thus increases the amount of elastin, collagen, GAGS etc. Copper causes pigmentation. The method around eyes is papular injecting under the skin by a doctor/nurse. This Increases collagen and elastin.
  • Wow mask;  high 4 % concentration hyaluronic acid, arginiline, apple stemcells.




A dermal filler is injected in the orbital rim area ( eyebrow, crows feet area, tear through, cheek- lid junction , lateral ocular area and temple) . This acts as a remodelling of the lost bone and fat departments that happens with age.