Dealing with the neck and décolletage is very different to the face. The thickness of the skin

is different from the face to the neck and the décolletage, the skin gets progressively thinner

going from the face through to the neck and the décolletage area. The major face/ neck

muscle called Platysma creates a downward pull and stretch, which traumatises and thins

the skin, similarly to the eyelid and under eye area, where the blinking action every

couple of seconds causes this creepy look. The décolletage is furthermore exposed to

serious UV damage as the radiation hits at a right angle.



•When using your basic 6 ZO skin health products in the face, extend the neck and

décolletage using only the cleanser and Daily Power Defense or Brightamax if very

sensitive and SPF!

  • Progress to add renewal crème and then Brightanex, followed by

Radical Night Repair. Finally, a very low dose of Melamix & Tretinoin 0,05% This will

take 12 months plus to achieve.

  • •Use small doses and spread over the larger area of the neck and chest. Gradually

increase the dose/ amount as tolerated.

  • •Once the prepping period is complete, depending on the skin type, aggressiveness

of the level of prep and skin pathologies), the ZO Chemical peels can be applied,

starting with the superficial Stimulator Peel, no preparation needed following on to

a deep 3Step and finally the Control Depth Peel ( 20% TCA) = CDP

  • • The overall protocol will do rejuvenation, tightening, pigment regulation and have a

substantial influence on any early BASAL CELL CARCINOMAS ( empirical only, no

evidence based research) so it is a great ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT

  • • Combine this protocol with BOTOX, FILLERS, LASERS AND MESOTHERAPY for a truly

astonishing out come.

  • •This process can be done on hands and of course the face

Like anything there are no quick fixes. It has taken years to degenerate and it will take hard

effort to rejuvenated against the age progression



Dr Norup

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