The face changes shape as we age and certain fat compartments drift or descend. If dividing the face, seen from the front, into 3 vertical columns, it is mainly the sides that drift down and forwards changing our face from oval or an inverse triangle, converting into a more rectangular or even triangle shape. The jowls grow ever heavier and a sausage appears alongside the nose to jaw line, creating a negative/tired looking profile, with very heavy nasolabial folds and marionette lines. If this process has advanced beyond a certain level, it is no longer feasible using fillers, lasers, Botox only. Threads are then more effective and a better option.




In our 20s and 30s these changes are barely visible or requiring treatment, depending on our genetic makeup, ageing factors such as sun, smoking, exercise, diet and whether we remain slim or otherwise.  In our 40s these changes start to show, and certainly for most of us it is very apparent in our 50s.

Most people between 20-40 only need toxin, preventative skincare, including SPF, and possibly a little face sculpting to enhance their appearance. This could be lips/nose and a small change of the facial proportions in the frontal vertical dimension, and equally so in the lateral/ side aspect.

In this day and age, those of you who are younger and have taken good care of your health and skin, won’t need to think about facelifts probably ever until possibly in your 70s.

Presently in your 40s, there’s still a good chance of preserving and delaying any bigger procedures by prevention methods.

If however, you have never had aesthetic treatments, have been a heavy smoker or not stayed healthy and fit, happen to have thin skin (white) with very little collagen/elastin and reaching 50+, with jowls descending, tear through deepening, narrowing of the lips and a sausage appearing next to your nose, then this is the stage where realistically only a THREADLIFT PROCEDURE is going to make a noticeable difference.





Silhouette Soft is a day surgery procedure, done with local anaesthesia and if needed premedication ( Valium). The in surgery treatment takes between 30 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending how advanced a procedure is required. Dissolvable threads, with 16, 24 or 32 circular cones are inserted are into the skin and threaded across the face, in a manner that lifts both the skin and the underlying fat in such a way that the face is lifted and volume is created in a different and strategically better are of the face. Silhouette Soft is the only procedure that actively pulls/lifts the face and also sculpts it. The threads are resorbed and substituted with collagen. The longevity is still fairly unknown. Personally, in my experience it depends on the technique and number of threads plus how firm or heavy the skin is in the first place. So far the procedure has shown some amazing results that wouldn’t have been possible with any other procedure.



Depending on the insertion points, small entry points may be visible for about 7 days. The lifted skin may show some puckering until it settles in the new position, also about a week. Bruising is generally very minimal. Some redness and swelling will show for a couple of days.

Physical activity is restricted for two weeks. Especially sport and facials/peels.

Chewing on beef or likewise hard or chewy foods to minimise the reverse pull on the inserted threads, which can compromise the result. Infection is a risk but the procedure is carried out totally sterile and a light antibiotic gel is applied for prevention, so generally very low if precautions are adhered to.

A very rare complication is haematoma or nerve damage. The threads are inserted in the superficial layer above these tissues and so generally not an occurrence.



As described before longevity depends on skin quality, how heavy/how much fat tissue is weighing down. Amount of lift required and complications, plus finally most importantly the technique applied. I.e. How many threads, where and how long they are.

Expect 2-3 years plus at least.


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